October 24, 2016

30 Days of Gratitude: Journey Through Exodus

Week 1: Exodus 1-4

MONDAY: 4 Things I'm Thankful for

1. My hardworking, trustworthy husband
2. Rain Storms--beautiful, wet, loud thunder and flashing lightning
3. My Boys! Jonathan, Joshua, Josiah!!
4. My House--safe, warm, filled with love.

TUESDAY: 3 Ways I Can Express Gratitude

1. Back rubs, feet rubs, neck rubs... :)
2. Tell others how much they mean to me.
3. Verbally tell the Lord how much I'm thankful daily.

WEDNESDAY: Record a Favorite Memory

The rain storm this morning at 6 am was incredible. Thunder and lightning dominated the dark sky, and the booming thunder was so loud it scared me and made me almost jump out of my bed. It was so lovely to lay there and snuggle and enjoy the storm.

THURSDAY: Something wonderful that happened today.

The Rain Storm!

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