November 15, 2011


We cuddle up on the couch, watch a little tv, enjoy the summer evening, and reminisce on the events of a long day spent ministering God’s love to the campers. When out he pops, skitters, no–skips, no–it is more like he marches down the hallway, the king of his domain. He stops and looks at us, surprised that someone else would be here, in his kingdom. He stares for what seems like an awfully long time, considering. Then he darts into the kitchen.

A mouse! In my house! Now that is unexpected.


Late one evening, about 10:30, we walked home through the forest-y pine trees and down the hill to our log house, having just finished Friday night singing around the campfire. Hand in hand with my little boy we walked, stomping the leaves and rocks, twisting our way under the oak tree, carefully avoiding the little unseen hazards under our feet. Our house was right there, in sight, so close. I flashed the light farther down the path--there was our car and the truck parked in our driveway.

Wait! What was that? Two round, glowing yellow eyes, never moving, never swerving stared back at us. Two round ears popped out on top of its head. This was one huge dog--as tall as the truck bed it was standing next to. Was this the “Beast Dog” described in the Hound of the Baskervilles? Could it be real? Was it alive?

On we walked, straight towards it, staying true to the path we were on. It kept silent, but loomed large. Was this the Cujo dog? We walked closer, the light from my flashlight shining straight in its eyes. We were within 30 feet and still it didn't move, just stared. Then it dawned on me. THIS IS––A BEAR! 

Now that was unexpected!


Not sure what to do now, and panic set in. We quickly darted to the right towards our front door, keeping our eyes on the bear, ( he had remained still for some time.) Then, unexpectedly, he took a few steps toward us, may be as a warning. But in my panicked state of thinking, I feared the worse--that he wanted to ATTACK us! 


Running straightway, my boy and I clamored down the rocky wall,  jumped up the steps to our porch, tumbled into the living room, and slammed the door shut! 

The end.