June 16, 2014

Capturing the Wedding Dress in Photos

The other day I felt inspired to capture the grace, simplicity, and innocence of April's wedding dress. It's been hanging in my room for so long now (it only left for a few days during the wedding) that it seemed the right place to photograph it. After cleaning all the clutter that was next to my bed, (a pile of unfolded, clean clothes) I propped a mirror against my nightstand, moved my lamp slightly to the right, then draped her veil across both. I opened wide the blinds and with sunshine flooding the room I arranged her dress on a wooden hanger and placed in the doorway. Standing in my kitchen, I shot several views and angles of the dress--front, back, up close and far away.

I worked some magic in Photoshop and refined a few of the shots. I designed this sepia composite of the back and front of her dress, and added several borders and textures. I have a favorite. Which one do you like? The Latte, Coffee and Cream, Mocha, Raisin, Blueberry, Slate, or Rose?

a. Latte

b. Coffee and Cream

c. Mocha

d. Raisin

e. Blueberry

f.  Slate

g. Rose

June 4, 2014

April's Bridal Shower {Coral, Navy Blue & Coca-Cola Themed}

On a breezy Saturday afternoon in late January, one week before her wedding day, we had a small, family bridal shower for April. We sat outside in the warm, southern California sunshine at BJ's Pizzeria and enjoyed good food, yummy cupcakes, and family time.

Aunt Debbie made these gorgeous chocolate cupcakes with coral-colored frosting and delicate white pearl candies placed around the top. They were so pretty, I wanted to save them. They tasted so delicious, I wanted to eat more. Recipe coming soon.

Sippin' some lemon water, showing off her engagement ring . . . and long nails!

The BJ's waiter took this shot of the whole group. 

I can't remember which pose April and Michelle did first--the silly, sarcastic faces,
or the happy, smiling ones.

{If anyone would like the hi-res photos for their personal use, let me know. You can PM me in Facebook and I'll email them to ya'. --Renee}

Lookin' good, ladies!

Such a lovely picture with Aunt Darlene. We we're so glad
she made it to the bridal shower.

Camera shy . . . Jill and Brandi! Don't worry, my pics are
ALWAYS flattering. :)

Cousins, aunt and niece. :)

I really like how this picture turned out. I processed it in Photoshop,
and got this funky shot. Looks surreal, obviously,
almost fairy-tale-esque!
April and Kim, definitely NOT camera shy!

Mikaylah looking pretty!

{If anyone would like the hi-res photos for their personal use, let me know. You can PM me in Facebook and I'll email them to ya'. --Renee}