November 15, 2011


We cuddle up on the couch, watch a little tv, enjoy the summer evening, and reminisce on the events of a long day spent ministering God’s love to the campers. When out he pops, skitters, no–skips, no–it is more like he marches down the hallway, the king of his domain. He stops and looks at us, surprised that someone else would be here, in his kingdom. He stares for what seems like an awfully long time, considering. Then he darts into the kitchen.

A mouse! In my house! Now that is unexpected.


Late one evening, about 10:30, we walked home through the forest-y pine trees and down the hill to our log house, having just finished Friday night singing around the campfire. Hand in hand with my little boy we walked, stomping the leaves and rocks, twisting our way under the oak tree, carefully avoiding the little unseen hazards under our feet. Our house was right there, in sight, so close. I flashed the light farther down the path--there was our car and the truck parked in our driveway.

Wait! What was that? Two round, glowing yellow eyes, never moving, never swerving stared back at us. Two round ears popped out on top of its head. This was one huge dog--as tall as the truck bed it was standing next to. Was this the “Beast Dog” described in the Hound of the Baskervilles? Could it be real? Was it alive?

On we walked, straight towards it, staying true to the path we were on. It kept silent, but loomed large. Was this the Cujo dog? We walked closer, the light from my flashlight shining straight in its eyes. We were within 30 feet and still it didn't move, just stared. Then it dawned on me. THIS IS––A BEAR! 

Now that was unexpected!


Not sure what to do now, and panic set in. We quickly darted to the right towards our front door, keeping our eyes on the bear, ( he had remained still for some time.) Then, unexpectedly, he took a few steps toward us, may be as a warning. But in my panicked state of thinking, I feared the worse--that he wanted to ATTACK us! 


Running straightway, my boy and I clamored down the rocky wall,  jumped up the steps to our porch, tumbled into the living room, and slammed the door shut! 

The end.

June 3, 2011

Five Minute Fridays - EVERY DAY


Every day there are dishes in the sink, dirty clothes overflowing from the hamper, clean clothes piled high on my bedroom floor, Legos strewn on the carpet, dust and lint puffs floating around in my laundry room, candy wrappers and pieces of trash (from I don’t know where) littering my boys’ room, beds with blankets falling down, an office with a lot, (maybe a zillion) papers, receipts, pens and other stuff all thrown across the desk.

BUT… I’m thankful for all of this! There was one time, a time not so long ago, when I had no bedroom of my own, no kitchen, no living or dining room of my own. No laundry room, and no boys’ room. No office to call my own. And very little hope...

Now I do.



Wanna just write? Without wondering if it’s just right?

Indulge in five rich, delicious minutes of pure writing.
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And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the five minute chef who served something up right before you.

January 29, 2011

Venturing Into Unknown Territory

My 2010 Goals {Revisited}

The year (2010) began as all the others, but ended quite differently. "Pulling up our stakes" as they call it, (howbeit they were not so firmly entrenched in the OC anymore), traversing the "Verdugo Trail," through perilous mountain peaks and across cattail strewn lakes, and venturing into this unknown territory
known as Christian Camp Ministries, my family started a new kind of life. Filled with God's blessings and provisions, this new land has become our strong city. Exciting indeed!

Early in that year, before any knowledge of our future adventure, or of the changes that were about to take place, I sat at my desk and wrote down my goals (aka New Year's Resolutions) for the year of 2010. Here they are, in no particular order, with my comments.

My Goals for 2010
• Bible time with my kids every morning. 
First on my list... I'm sorry to say I did not accomplish this goal. Should I even go on with the list?

• Exercise by taking walks several times a week.

Moved up to camp, so... I walk a lot more now.

• Eat Better: more water and vegetables, less sugar.
 I'm drinking more water at camp.

• Lose 10 lbs through diet and exercise.   

• Be a nicer wife through reading encouraging books and memorizing Bible verses.
Well, I've read many encouraging books, and memorized verses, but I don't know if I've become a nicer wife.  Ask my husband.

• Be a nicer mother by not getting upset with the kids.

Nope. {Don't ask the kids.}     

• Daily personal devotions.

I've definitely improved here. I have devotions many times a week.

• Plan and schedule Joshua's school.

Workin' on it.

• Acquire part-time job (20hrs/wk) $15-$20/hr.       
The Tough Guys
Got the hours, need the pay raise...

• Get newer car/insurance.                                       
Got the insurance, need the car...

• Renew driver's license.
I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

• Pass CphT (Pharmacy Tech.) exam and get state license.
Nope. {big sigh}

• Continue to set aside money for A's college.
Done, and doing. Wow, we've come so far since this time last year. She's already finished 1st semester, now into 2nd semester.

• Work on Bible memory verses.
Memorized many and am adding more each week. I love hiding God's word in my heart!

• Continue writing articles/make money from writing projects.
Hmmm. Have not done this "officially."

• Make meal planning a priority.
Camp meals are planned, so... there's a breather for me. Still need to strike a balance.