June 3, 2011

Five Minute Fridays - EVERY DAY


Every day there are dishes in the sink, dirty clothes overflowing from the hamper, clean clothes piled high on my bedroom floor, Legos strewn on the carpet, dust and lint puffs floating around in my laundry room, candy wrappers and pieces of trash (from I don’t know where) littering my boys’ room, beds with blankets falling down, an office with a lot, (maybe a zillion) papers, receipts, pens and other stuff all thrown across the desk.

BUT… I’m thankful for all of this! There was one time, a time not so long ago, when I had no bedroom of my own, no kitchen, no living or dining room of my own. No laundry room, and no boys’ room. No office to call my own. And very little hope...

Now I do.



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Bridget said...

How precious these little everyday life happenings will be treasured down the road!

Tony and Sarah said...

My house looks as you described "everyday!" Loved the post and it left me wanting to know more about you!

Coley said...

It's nice to be able to be grateful for the normal, crazy every day-ness of life isn't it?

PilgrimGirl said...

Love this post! And love the writer of it. You've been on my mind all week, and I've been thanking God for you, my hero and example of steadfastness. (from Morgan)