January 6, 2010

Flattery With Her Eyelids

Reading Proverbs six today,
I am struck with the importance of keeping my son pure and safe from the lusts of this world.

Beware the flattery of the tongue from a strange woman. She hunts for the precious life, your precious young life. She allures with her beauty and her eyes.

My son, I know you see her everyday... on the streets, on the side of buses, on the billboards, at the mall, in magazines and books, on the television and in the commercials, at the library, even at home on the computer. Don't be fooled! Be strong!

My son, listen and obey your father and mother. Keep your father's commandments and don't forsake the law of your mother. Keep these things close in your heart, ever thoughtful on them, and they'll lead and guide you when you sleep, and when you wake. His laws are a light, a lamp, showing the way.

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